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URLs Teaching & training, tutorials
LINK International Master in drug design training
LINK NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment modeling
LINK Short video about ADME-Tox PK video
LINK Wikipedia Chemical Structure Explorer: substructure and similarity searching of molecules from Wikipedia training
LINK Successfully navigating through the jungle of biomedical postgraduate courses in Europe has recently been made possible by the release of an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded project called on-course training
LINK PhD in Systems Biology, Spain training
LINK David J. Wild Director, Cheminformatics Program, Indiana chemoinformatics
LINK A tutorial for learning and teaching macromolecular crystallography teaching
LINK Prof Willett, University of Sheffield chemoinformatics
LINK The Drug Discovery Resources section, drug discovery overview Cambridge Medchem Consulting, Dr Chris Swain (medicinal chemist) .
LINK Macs in chemistry, Chris Swain links .
LINK Prof Robert B. Russell, overview of amino acids in proteins, mutations... chemoinformatics
LINK Small chemistry quiz for fun
LINK Software for Atomic Scale Education & Research software for education
LINK Short overview of the drug discovery process for small molecules and biologics quick view over drug discovery
LINK Educational Sources from the Internet online courses
LINK Course chemoinformatics J. Aires de Sousa Research Group Chemo courses
LINK Models of main functional groups, courses in organic chemistry Chemistry courses
LINK Molecular Models - Dave Woodcock Chemistry courses
LINK Master Chemoinformatics .
LINK Course chemoinformatics Denmark .
LINK Some chemical groups .
LINK About 900 Weblinks for Chem(o)informatics, Molecular Modeling from Dr Sung Kwang (free and commercial in silico tools and databases), Japan .
LINK Some rings .
LINK Most frequent scaffolds in FDA approved drugs .
LINK Drug Metabolizing Enzymes .
LINK The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection training and teaching .
LINK Non-Clinical Testing for Toxicity of Pharmaceuticals .
LINK Introduction to Cheminformatics .