Modeling loops

  • LEAP - Highly accurate prediction of protein loop conformations by integrating coarse-grained sampling and optimized energy scores with all-atom refinement of backbone and side chains. An executable file for a Linux system is freely available for academic users - standalone
  • MoMA-LoopSampler - A web server to exhaustively sample protein loop conformations - online
  • DaReUS-Loop - a web server to model multiple loops in homology models - online
  • RCD+ - Fast loop modeling server - online
  • LoopIng - A template-based tool for predicting the structure of protein loops. LoopIng is able to achieve similar accuracy for short loops (4–10 residues) and significant enhancements for long loops (11–20 residues) - online
  • ArchDB - Structural classification of loops in proteins - standalone
  • SA-Mot - A web server for the identification of motifs of interest extracted from protein loops - online
  • SL2 - An interactive webtool for modeling of missing segments in proteins - online
  • FREAD - Fragment-based modeling of membrane protein loops: successes, failures, and prospects for the future - .
  • BriX - Database of protein fragments. Loop BriX contains loop fragments from 14.525 proteins - database
  • ArchPRED - Template based loop structure prediction server - online
  • FALC-Loop - Protein loop modeling - online
  • ModLoop - Protein loop prediction - online
  • RigidFinder - Detect rigid blocks in large macromolecular complexes - online
  • RosettaAntibody - Antibody variable region homology modeling server - online
  • SuperLooper - A prediction server for the modeling of loops in globular and membrane proteins, see also 2 databases: Loop in proteins (LIP) and LIMP (Loops In Membrane Proteins) at this site - online
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