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URLs Modeling loops Comments
LEAP Highly accurate prediction of protein loop conformations by integrating coarse-grained sampling and optimized energy scores with all-atom refinement of backbone and side chains. An executable file for a Linux system is freely available for academic users standalone
RCD+ Fast loop modeling server online
LoopIng A template-based tool for predicting the structure of protein loops. LoopIng is able to achieve similar accuracy for short loops (4–10 residues) and significant enhancements for long loops (11–20 residues) online
ArchDB Structural classification of loops in proteins standalone
SA-Mot A web server for the identification of motifs of interest extracted from protein loops online
SL2 An interactive webtool for modeling of missing segments in proteins online
FREAD Fragment-based modeling of membrane protein loops: successes, failures, and prospects for the future .
BriX Database of protein fragments. Loop BriX contains loop fragments from 14.525 proteins database
ArchPRED Template based loop structure prediction server online
FALC-Loop Protein loop modeling online
ModLoop Protein loop prediction online
RigidFinder Detect rigid blocks in large macromolecular complexes online
RosettaAntibody Antibody variable region homology modeling server online
SuperLooper A prediction server for the modeling of loops in globular and membrane proteins, see also 2 databases: Loop in proteins (LIP) and LIMP (Loops In Membrane Proteins) at this site online